Unscripted - Ronda Birtha Photography | In the Country. In the City. In the Kitchen. In Your Face.

The fact that you survived all the UNSCRIPTED MOMENTS in your life is the real success story worth telling and sharing.

a DAY in YOUR LIFE - From waking up to tucking in

From the drowsy start in the morning and all the way to the struggle to get the children back in bed in the evening, (and all the fighting to get to school on time, struggling over homework, negotiations during mealtimes, refereeing during playtime ... that happens in between), I start when you start and end when you end to capture the whole beautiful mess of what it means to be a family.


Are you taking your kids out of school on a beautiful day just because you want to spend it with them? Is it Father-Daughter day at work and you want to show off your little girl as much as you want to show her what daddy does all day? 

When those days come when they're being grounded, or when Daddy and Mommy are being so mean, put your Unscripted Life on their bed at night so they can remember what they choose to forget at times: it's all because you love them.

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