Done > Perfect

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Projects | 1 comment

The Vernal Equinox

Today is the Vernal Equinox. Roughly 12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of darkness. I slept through one of those precious hours of daylight so I’m left with 11 hours to make the most of – at least as far as blog posting goes.

As it turned out, my site had been hacked, and in my neglect, I hadn’t even noticed. It may have looked crazy for a good year – that’s how long it had been since I last posted – a beautiful post, I might add, about my dad. I’ll rebuild and repost it at some point.

I can think up a bunch of excuses why I didn’t post after that. At the top of a complicated list is LIFE itself. But life happens to everyone living so I can’t use that one.

But the one excuse I’ve nurtured all my creative life at the expense of productivity is that I want whatever I’m doing to be perfect before it’s released. So I mulled, I edited, I mulled, I edited.

But that’s gotten tired. A whole year passed and no one noticed (or cared) that my site was jacked up. So whatever. I’m swinging for the fence.

Done > Perfect

So it doesn’t bother me that the sunflower at the top is a summer flower, nor the trillium at the bottom was shot in late May. They were shot, edited, left behind, until now – the first day of spring 2017.