The Projects

Well here you are - in the Projects. Feel free to roam around.

Ian’s Style

I would like to claim some credit, say that it was just “the way I have with children” that brought about the images from Ian’s photo shoot. I’d love to say that it was the “child whisperer” in me that brought out the life in Ian’s portraits. Truth is, it was all... read more

What happens at the photo shoot …

… Stays at the photo shoot The conversation that resulted in the series of pictures above (a conversation that I simply cannot share but will always make me snicker) is why I love shooting conversational portraits. In and of themselves, conversational portraits... read more


[Feel free to share this post by clicking a social network above] Liz’s impromptu conversational portrait session was about the first time she met her husband, Dave, some 17 years ago, and the moments she recalled becoming endeared to him … moments that included... read more

My Favorite Studio and Lighting Kit

I took a drive around my neighborhood one late summer Sunday afternoon. It’s a small financially struggling town like many small towns across the country. On either side of the narrow main street that sees little traffic sit empty store fronts, empty and... read more

Why shooting your smile makes me frown

“Can you believe mom said [x]” A couple of days ago my roommate, who doubles as a make-up artist/stylist, was doing a practice make-up session with a group of girls. While that was going on, I was backswinging. I hung my comfy throw on the wall and had... read more

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