If you wandered over here from Ronda Birtha Photography – Life with Style, or this is your first stop, welcome to my kitchen.

This is where I cook.

My personal photography projects – whether stand alone shots, a series on food or architecture, dying wildflowers at the end of a season, or light dappling my backdoor – are things I whip up or stew over. This is where I cook.

Unlike my main site (which is all about you), my kitchen, (the nickname for www.rondabirtha.com) is all about me. I cook the dishes I like, seasoned and prepared the way I like them. I’m not a big desserts eater, and could care less about chocolate anything. So there won’t be a lot of sweets here. I prefer a bag of chips to a candy bar. Suited to my taste – soul seasoning salty, and sriracha spicy, and sometimes chicken broth bland – I’ll add projects according to what I have a taste for at that time. No rhyme, no reason, no context and most likely no continuity.


a clearing house for my personal taste.


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